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Kate's Burger Counter Brand Identity

graphic design by: borboto azul + catarina oliveira studio

illustrations by: catarina oliveira studio


Kate’s Burger Counter is a fast casual burger experience, situated in a family friendly, approachable, restaurant. They pride theirselves on sourcing local, healthy and organic ingredients, and making good quality, tasty patties, served up over the counter.

Kate’s Burger Counter is part of a community who shares a love for food, nature, and simple joys in life.


The Brand Identity is a fun, energetic wordmark of the business name, with unique lettering, that works as an image, a representation of the business resulting in a balanced and amusement union reminiscent of a sticker, with a nostalgic feeling of the 70’s era, while being versatile and modern with a young vibe.


The color - clementine - is a citrus color, known to stimulated appetite and was chosen a bright orange, to draw attention and to evoke excitement, fun, energy, and warmth.

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