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Located in the beautiful city of Setúbal, Portugal, Borboto Azul is an editorial design studio working with clients everywhere.


Flávia Rodrigues

I studied graphic design at IADE where I graduated in 2005.


Since then I have worked professionally in Évora, Lisbon and São Paulo (Brazil) having participated in many design projects with a broad range of clients.

I've done freelance work since 2008 but I have know decided to focus full time on my own project borboto azul, bringing 15 years of experience to this new adventure.

I love:

white, editorial design, typesetting, books, children books, dogs and cats, animals, chocolate, food, movies, tv shows, music, hearts, buttons, illustration, vectors, pillows, travel, plants, flowers, timber.




She is part of the team.

Originally from the north of the country, she came to Lisbon at the age of 4 months and has been with me for 9 years.


A cat with a great critical sense and very competent when testing large-format cardboard packaging.

She  loves:

tiny things, small toys, wires, elastics, pins, cuddling, pets in the head (only!), fireplaces, heaters, linen, blankets, keyboards, laptops, windows, tuna fish, sleeping.

she doesn't need a cv :)

Nice things from clients

"Communication is simple and fluid with very constructive exchanges of ideas, mirrored in the excellent final result."


Mónica Carvalho from Soberana


"Flávia is very practical. She is the person who understands the concept, puts a creative process in motion, and more than creating solutions, she can inspire us... And that makes us go further!"

Andreia Pascoal from Comvista Imobiliária

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